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Report | 2023

We Can Cut Petrochemical Use Today: Plastic Packaging

By TJ ConwayJoseph FallurinSasha BylsmaJikai Wang
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Plastic packaging accounts for more than 17% of petrochemical production worldwide, and most of these items are discarded after one use. Over the last decade, demand for plastic packaging has driven demand growth for oil and gas, and that growth is projected to increase. Reducing packaging demand is critical to halting investments in new supplies, curbing petrochemicals emissions, and reversing oil demand growth.

In this report, RMI presents an analysis of emissions goals we can achieve through reducing demand for plastic packaging.  It also provides detailed technical analyses on where emissions can be cut or reduced from specific supply chains. These insights give industry leaders and decision makers the guidance they need to reduce emissions with their purchasing and market-shaping power.

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