Wenjuan Liu

Wenjuan Liu

  • Climate Intelligence

Wenjuan is a manager with RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program. Her work supports the development and implementation of carbon accounting frameworks for heavy industries (such as aluminum) to enable the development of a differentiated commodities market for products with low embodied emissions.


Prior to joining RMI, Wenjuan received her Ph.D. in sustainability from Arizona State University, where she studied the social and environmental externalities of extracting critical minerals (such as lithium and nickel) for the low-carbon economy. Throughout her Ph.D., Wenjuan strongly advocated for sustainable governance of critical minerals by actively engaging with diverse stakeholders such as communities, industrial players, and scholars.


Ph.D., School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
M.Sc., School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
B.S., School of Environment, Renmin University of China


Boulder, CO