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Report | 2023

Case Study: Exploring the Use of Software and Process-Level Primary Data to Reduce GHG Emissions in the Steel Sector

RMI partners with SINAI Technologies and ArcelorMittal to advance decarbonization of the steel sector

By Lachlan WrightIris Wu, Alisha Giglio
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Increasing transparency and traceability of supply chain emissions is critical to accelerate decarbonization in the materials sector. RMI’s Horizon Zero project is advancing this work through the development of sector-specific carbon accounting methodologies. The joint pilot of RMI’s Steel Emissions Reporting Guidance using SINAI Technologies’ dedicated software platform provides a real-world application of RMI’s guidance for the steel sector. It also demonstrates that the collection of process-level primary emissions data makes it easier for companies to respond to increasingly stringent emissions reporting requirements and helps steel producers differentiate their products based on emissions performance. With product-level emissions information, buyers can be confident that their procurement practices are contributing towards industry-wide decarbonization.