Andika Akbar Hermawan

Andika Akbar Hermawan

  • Global South

Andika is currently an associate with RMI’s Southeast Asia Energy Program, focusing on advancing utility transitions and driving national decarbonization efforts across Indonesia. His work encompasses a variety of projects aimed at transforming the energy landscape, including securing transition finance for coal power plants, fostering industrial decarbonization, and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. These initiatives are crucial for reducing Indonesia’s carbon footprint and achieving sustainable energy goals.


Andika is an energy professional with prior experience in multiple energy sectors, including fossil fuels and renewable energy. His prior experience includes working with the International Energy Agency (IEA), where he concentrated on fostering clean energy initiatives across developing and emerging regions, notably in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Andika’s areas of expertise encompass renewable energy development, energy efficiency, digitalization, and building decarbonization. His professional journey also includes a role as a project manager for geothermal projects in Indonesia for multiple years.


Andika holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Indonesia and dual master’s degrees in Energy Engineering and Business Management from École Polytechnique, France, and Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.