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Looking for a Breakthrough in Cement and Concrete

Guest author Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson is an RMI Senior Fellow. The toughest climate challenges involve large global industries, with no good substitutes. One of these literally produces the material under our feet—concrete. Every year, each of us in the U.S. uses about one-third of a ton. Fast-growing developing countries use…

Closing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Will Save Money And Carbon

A widespread claim—that dozens of nuclear plants, too costly to run profitably, now merit new subsidies to protect the earth’s climate—just collided with market reality. The CEO of one of America’s most prominent and technically capable utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric Company—previously chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute and the…

Brexit and Climate Change: 4 Questions Answered

The unexpected result of Britain leaving the EU has sent shockwaves through European politics and the global economy. The scramble has begun in every sector and policy area to understand the implications of Brexit, and energy and climate change is no exception.

Time to Choose: The Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change

Rocky Mountain Institute's CEO Jules Kortenhorst interviews Tom Dinwoodie on his new movie about the threats of climate change and the stories of people working on the frontlines to address this global challenge. The film will open soon across the country.

The World Needs a Radical Change in Both Supply and Demand to Reach Paris Agreement

The climate agreement reached in Paris was an unprecedented global achievement. Unfortunately, the climate action plans submitted by the signatory countries fall far short of the energy shift the world needs. Recently released reports by the Energy Transitions Commission highlight what needs to be done to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees C and elaborate on pathways for how to go about doing it.