General Energy

Empire State Building Lights Honor RMI

The characteristic floodlights that illuminate the top of the Empire State Building will shine a bright green May 10 to honor Rocky Mountain Institute’s 30 years of work in energy efficiency.

How Can Advanced Autos Improve Their Value Proposition?

It’s hard not to feel a bit underwhelmed by the hybrid vehicles being offered up by automakers today after reading a recent New York Times assessment of the time it takes for buyers of alternative technology cars to recoup the higher sticker price in fuel savings. But what about cars that offer an attractive payback?

Nuclear: A “Grossly Uncompetitive” Energy Option

As the “grave and unpredictable” nuclear crisis in Japan continues, energy experts both internationally and domestically are questioning the viability of nuclear to deliver safe and reliable energy.

Learning From Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

As heroic workers and soldiers strive to save stricken Japan from a new horror—radioactive fallout—some truths known for 40 years bear repeating. An earthquake-and-tsunami zone crowded with 127 million people is an unwise place for 54 reactors. The 1960s design of five Fukushima-I reactors has the smallest safety margin and probably can't contain 90 percent of meltdowns. The U.S. has six identical and 17 very similar plants.

A Universe of (Good) Data At Your Fingertips

Building energy modelers want, and need a universe of useful data. Observing the BEM Summits “Support and Resources” breakout group (which focused on the question, “what tools does an energy modeler need when they sit down to model?”), this point was abundantly clear.