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Pioneering “Pay for Performance” in the Pacific Northwest

Washington State, the land of coffee and clouds, is at it again. As if it is not enough to lead the country in caffeine consumed per capita and cardiac arrest recovery rates, it is now hard at work innovating on how to capture building energy efficiency.

Open Innovation in the Electric Vehicle Marketplace

Last week, GM announced that it would break its monthly sales record for the Chevy Volt, with August sales expected to be “well over” 2,500 vehicles. Sales of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) are doing better in their second year than the Toyota Prius hybrid after it hit the market in 2000.

(Video) eLab: Transforming the Electricity System

Integration and dialogue are critical to transforming the electricity system. By convening thought-leaders and decision-makers across the U.S. electricity sector, e-Lab has engaged a diverse and influential group of stakeholders from the U.S. electricity sector to learn and work together.