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LED Fixture Prices Fall 24% in Two Years—How Much Lower Can They Go?

Originally posted on greentechmedia.com. Groom Energy, in cooperation with Greentech Media, just published its latest Enterprise LED market research, which studies trends in commercial and industrial LED lighting and profiles the top vendors. The report includes a newly developed LED Lamp and Fixture Pricing Index which tracks historical pricing for these products.

Are U.S. Windows “Open” for Improvement?

I was helping a colleague work on his Passive House in New Hampshire last fall, and was surprised when he told me that he was going to “buy and try” four windows—each from a different manufacturer—before buying them all from a single supplier. He claimed that he wanted all the important elements of the new home to inspire future occupants with their 100-year details.

How big data drives intelligent transportation

Originally published at GreenBiz.com. America has been built and shaped by its ability to move people and goods freely and quickly, fueled by oil. But this “freedom” comes at a cost. Transportation is America’s number-two consumer cost after housing. American drivers pay $8,000 a year for an auto they drive only 4 percent of the time.

Good Natural Gas News Today, But What About Tomorrow?

Recent articles have posited that natural gas is so cheap and plentiful that it not only challenges coal as our dominant source of electricity in the short term, but will also threaten the development of renewables in the long-term.