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A Renewable and Resilient Electricity System

Electricity is the connective tissue of the information age, powering everything from toasters to giant data centers and making possible virtually every transaction in daily life. Yet while the “information economy” creates new value by innovating to meet diverse consumer preferences, the electricity system remains slow to respond and reluctant to adapt. Electricity driven by the speed of IT is needed.

RMI Annual Report: Accelerating a New Energy Era

“Our 30th year at Rocky Mountain Institute was the most exciting yet. It’s the year we moved from researching and publishing Reinventing Fire’s ‘grand synthesis’ of America’s energy solutions to scaling up their implementation.” –Amory B. Lovins, RMI cofounder and chief scientist

NSC Member Profile: David Burns

David Burns and his wife Tania set about embracing a rich sustainable lifestyle defined by no energy bills and a reduced dependence on other resources in their award winning green home located on the Northern beaches of Sydney. The 2007 sustainable home, designed around a large native garden, helps cool the house without the need for HVAC.