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Breaking Down the Buzz about Big Data

“Big data” is the buzzword du jour in the energy efficiency world. That’s right, “smart grid” is losing its title as the little understood, least agreed upon term that everyone loves to use. But that is not to say that such concepts are without merit. In fact, one would be foolish to discount their importance.

Six Critical Levers to Transform our Energy Future (Video)

Originally posted on October 18, 2011 and written by Kelly Vaughn. Today as Americans go to the polls, we're running this post from last year because transforming our energy future—especially in the wake of tragic and destructive weather events like Hurricane Sandy—is more important than ever.

Video: Reinventing Fire in Our Electricity System

The impact of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating blow last week to the East Coast, particularly in New Jersey and New York, is still being felt. Superstorm Sandy left at least 75 people dead, destroyed homes, created lines and rationing at gas stations, and churned through an estimated $50 billion in economic damage. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power—and may remain in the dark for some time to come.