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Good Natural Gas News Today, But What About Tomorrow?

Recent articles have posited that natural gas is so cheap and plentiful that it not only challenges coal as our dominant source of electricity in the short term, but will also threaten the development of renewables in the long-term.

American Idol Eat Your Heart Out: DOE Gets Wonky With Solar “Finance Idol”

Back in June, the Department of Energy convened 700 participants at their “SunShot Grand Challenge: Summit and Technology Forum” held in the Denver Convention Center. This event was meant to be the first in a series of DOE “Grand Challenge” events, with the summit focused on the DOE’s solar power capacity growth and cost reduction targets driven by their SunShot Initiative.

Building Energy Use is Diverse and Little Understood

A new report by New York City’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability reveals the range of energy performance among NYC buildings, finding that some use up to five times as much energy as same-sized buildings used for similar purposes.