(Video) eLab is Setting the Course for a New Electricity Paradigm

Rapid innovation and change, cooperation and conflict, are occurring at the “seams” in the electricity sector where no single stakeholder or industry group can control the outcome.

The most important new source of competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing electricity sector is not technology or market position, it’s the ability of innovators to work efficiently and effectively in complex multi-stakeholder environments.

But shifting the electricity sector will require engagement across traditional institutional boundaries.

“We think that eLab is a new model of innovation and collaboration,” said Lena Hansen, RMI electricity principal. “It’s not a typical project. It’s not something that we’ve done before or that anyone has really done before. I think it has a real shot at doing something different that can move the system forward.”

Watch now and learn:

  • Why “business as usual” is the biggest threat to changing our balkanized electricity system
  • How collaboration on shared issues is key to shifting complex systems
  • How eLab is focused on action—not just talk