(Video) eLab: Accelerating Innovation at the Distribution Edge

When we look forward to a transformed electricity system, the most important changes are happening now at the point of use in buildings and in communities.

The distribution edge—the interface between the electricity system’s macrogrid and the rapidly growing portfolios of energy assets, control systems, and end-use technologies—is where the fundamental forces changing the economy at large are having their greatest impact in the electricity sector. That’s where RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab) is focused.

“The utility business model of the last century was fundamentally about pushing commodities; getting more electricity and natural gas sold at lower cost,” said Ralph Cavanaugh, co-director of the Energy and Transportation program at the National Resources Defense Council. “It was quite good at motivating people to do that. That model doesn’t work anymore.”

Watch now and learn:

  • How eLab is working to change how utilities are incented
  • How we can use existing infrastructure to empower customers, reduce emissions and maximize economic benefits
  • How eLab is focused on developing new business models to scale renewable technologies

What do you think it will take to change our electricity system to one that is cleaner, more reliable, and customer-friendly?

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