(Video) eLab: Transforming the Electricity System

Integration and dialogue are critical to transforming the electricity system. By convening thought-leaders and decision-makers across the U.S. electricity sector, e-Lab will identify key challenges the industry needs to overcome, develop innovative but practical solutions, and work to apply those solutions.

While this multi-year project is just beginning, e-Lab has already engaged a diverse and influential group of stakeholders from the U.S. electricity sector to learn and work together.

“The issues with the power system—particularly in the US, but also globally—are increasingly complex,” said Doug Arent, executive director at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. “And looking across a diverse set of resources and engaging in a broad set of stakeholder dialogues will be critical to finding the right solutions going forward.”

Watch now and learn:

  • How eLab is incubating new ideas generated by diverse stakeholders
  • Why a unified energy vision is a pressing need
  • What it means to take a bold new move

What do you think it will take to change our electricity system to one that is cleaner, more reliable, and customer-friendly?

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