RMI and AT&T: Working Together on a Portfolio Approach to Building Efficiency

America’s 120 million buildings are energy hogs, using 42 percent of the nation’s energy—more than any other sector. Retrofitting existing commercial buildings for energy efficiency is one of the greatest opportunities facing the industry.

We know what can be achieved on a building-by-building basis, but how can we bring these solutions to scale—and save more than a trillion dollars that currently escapes our buildings in wasted energy?

Infographic: See the energy-saving potential all around you

Today, Rocky Mountain Institute and AT&T announced that they are working together to develop a portfolio approach to dramatically improve energy efficiency in the company’s facilities as part of the 2012 Portfolio Energy RetroFit Challenge.

Beginning with a high-level, portfolio-wide analysis, the RMI and AT&T teams will determine how efficiency investments can make the greatest impact. The product of that analysis will be a long-term capital and construction schedule for deploying extensive retrofits and other bundles of efficiency measures across a portfolio at the right time, utilizing the right technologies, business processes and operational strategies.

“The impact of this project goes far beyond these buildings, as the Challenge will ultimately result in a shared framework for other building portfolio owners based on observations and lessons learned,” said Elaine Gallagher Adams, RMI senior buildings consultant. “The content for that framework will include insight from RMI and AT&T as well as the remaining Challenge partners. This is different from anything else happening in the realm of building portfolio energy strategy.”

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