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Amory Lovins

Nuclear Nonsense

Stewart Brand’s book, Whole Earth Discipline, features a chapter claiming that new nuclear power plants are essential and desirable, and that a global nuclear “renaissance” is booming. Amory Lovins reviews the book and finds fatal flaws in the chapter’s facts and logic. Lovins explains why each of Brand’s claims are…

Preface to the Chinese Edition of Winning the Oil Endgame

In the preface to the Chinese edition to Winning the Oil Endgame, Amory Lovins puts the book in context for the Chinese audience. Winning the Oil Endgame offers a strategy for ending U.S. oil dependence. This synthesis is the first roadmap of the oil solution that is led by business…

Getting Off Oil: Recent Leaps and Next Steps

This article is a 2008 update on the progress of RMI’s 2005 effort to implement Winning the Oil Endgame. In this article, Amory Lovins provides an update on recent progress in many of the sectors targeted in Winning the Oil Endgame. He also describes the steps required to implement the…

Applied Hope

Amory Lovins outlines RMI's fundamental concept of “Applied Hope.”