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Works by Amory Lovins

Getting Off Oil: Recent Leaps and Next Steps

This article is a 2008 update on the progress of RMI’s 2005 effort to implement Winning the Oil Endgame. In this article, Amory Lovins provides an update on recent progress in many of the sectors targeted in Winning the Oil Endgame. He also describes the steps required to implement the…

Applied Hope

Amory Lovins outlines RMI's fundamental concept of “Applied Hope.”

Drilling in All the Wrong Places

In this article from RMI’s Solutions Journal, Amory Lovins argues that the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is bad for the United States’ national security. He argues that it is insecure and accessible to attackers. He also argues that the pipeline is not an important source…

Nuclear Power and Climate Change

This 2007 email exchange between Steve Berry (University of Chicago), Peter Bradford (former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner and senior utility regulator), and Amory Lovins elucidates the case for and against nuclear power in relation to climate and the environment. Lovins argues that energy efficiency measures are the best approach to…