Book | 2008

Preface to the Chinese Edition of Winning the Oil Endgame

By Amory Lovins

In the preface to the Chinese edition to Winning the Oil Endgame, Amory Lovins puts the book in context for the Chinese audience. Winning the Oil Endgame offers a strategy for ending U.S. oil dependence. This synthesis is the first roadmap of the oil solution that is led by business for profit. Though the book focuses on ending U.S. dependence on oil, it is applicable to China. It presents an independent, transdisciplinary analysis of four ways to reduce petroleum dependence: using oil more efficiently, through smarter technologies that wring more services from less oil; substituting for petroleum fuels other liquids made from biomass or wastes; substituting saved natural gas for oil in uses where they’re interchangeable, such as furnaces and boilers; and replacing oil with hydrogen made from non-oil resources. The full text of Winning the Oil Endgame is available to download for free.