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Amory Lovins

Nuclear Power: Competitive Economics and Climate Protection Potential

In this presentation to the Royal Academy of Engineering, Amory Lovins explains the economic and environmental impacts of nuclear power. By showing that companies and governments have cut energy intensity without the use of nuclear power, Lovins shows that nuclear power is not a necessary step in the fight against…

Getting Off Oil

In this short article, Amory Lovins explains how investing in energy efficiency is good for business. He provides examples of businesses and government agencies transitioning to energy efficiency and innovation for a profit. He writes that a vision will form of a United States that can treat countries with oil…

What Can we Do to Fix the Climate Problem?

This is an expanded version of an article that was published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, in which Amory Lovins joins three other atomic experts in discussing ideas for how to curb carbon dioxide emissions, reduce global temperatures, sustain economic growth, and summon the necessary political leadership. Lovins’…

Oil: Our Fatal Dependence

In this article, which is an expanded version of the 2004 article, “How America Can Free Itself of Oil—Profitably,” Amory Lovins points out that saving oil is cheaper than buying it, and that the United States can eliminate its oil dependence and revitalize its economy by adopting smart business strategies.