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Supporting Unified and Sustained US Clean Energy and the Climate Movement


of global energy GHG emissions


years of RMI work on US policy


US GDP already committed to climate action

We Must

Share a clear ambitious vision

Build and leverage diverse partnerships

Inform policies with focused analytics

RMI Will

Support state-level policymakers, advocates, and researchers with targeted analytics, inclusive community building, and a shared vision with specific targets.

Continue building a sustained subnational climate movement that accelerates action, promotes accountability, and works in partnership with the federal government.

Work with the US Congress and federal agencies to develop and follow through on ambitious and beneficial electrification policies.

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RMI is building on our history of influencing policy to speed action that slashes US emissions by 2030, supports a sustainable economy, and grows jobs.

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Antha Williams

Global Climate & Environment Program, Bloomberg Philanthropies

I’m thrilled to hear that RMI is meeting this decisive decade with a new strategy to push for the 1.5 degree target. Your work to accelerate the clean energy transition has really helped us to chart a more sustainable path forward. Your leadership is just as critical today as it has been for nearly the last 40 years.

What We Do

  • RMI’s Guide to Federal Clean Energy Incentives

    The great green rush is underway, as companies, governments, and individuals race to cash in on unprecedented funding, policies, and incentives that are supercharging America’s transition to clean energy.

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  • America Is All In

    The most expansive coalition of leaders ever assembled in support of climate action in the United States.

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  • US State Policy Analysis and Modeling

    Driving informed climate action with rigorous, accessible analysis.

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  • US Federal Policy and Analysis

    Supporting federal policy using RMI's technoeconomic analysis.

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  • US Cities & Communities

    RMI’s US Cities & Communities team partners with local governments and community organizations to develop and scale impactful, equitable decarbonization projects and programs.

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  • Brightfields Accelerator

    Learn more about how RMI is leading research and technical assistance to scale brightfields across the United States.

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Research & Analysis