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Leia Guccione

Managing Director
  • Carbon-Free Electricity

Leia Guccione is the Managing Director for RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity, where she leads RMI’s research and collaboration efforts to support the rapid transition to a low-carbon electricity system to support a secure, prosperous, and equitable US economy.

Since 2012, Leia has directed RMI’s research exploring the potential for distributed generation, distributed energy resources, and distributed battery technologies to disrupt utility business models and other aspects of the US electricity system—and advanced the development of targeted solutions for these innovations. Additionally, she’s led client engagements assisting leading utilities, public utility commissions, large corporations, states, and cities to develop evolved business models and policies.

At RMI, Leia has employed an expansive set of strategies to accelerate the transformation of the US electricity system. Leia currently leads a body of work to inform utility regulators of policy solutions for a clean energy future, as well as provide them with unique process design and facilitation as they develop and execute reform initiatives to implement these solutions. She has supported multiple engagements with utilities, with an emphasis on improving utility innovation programs, pilots, and demonstrations. Leia also contributed to the growth of RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab), a unique ongoing collaboration of leading electricity industry actors to develop, implement, and spread new solutions. She specifically led the design and development of eLab’s annual Accelerator and Summit programs. She has also led engagements with corporations and cities to support them in their procurement and deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and advanced energy solutions such as microgrids.


Before joining RMI, Leia served in the US Navy as a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer and continues to serve in the US Navy Reserves.


MS, Sustainable Development, University of London
BS, Mechanical Engineering and Political Science, Iowa State University
Professional Engineer, P.E., licensed in the State of Colorado


Boulder, CO



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