US Federal Policy and Analysis

US Federal Policy and Analysis informs policy using RMI’s non-partisan technoeconomic analyses and insights

What It Is

For the past four decades, RMI has provided technical assistance and education for policymakers across the United States. RMI’s federal policy efforts centralize this work to advance clean energy with congressional leaders and federal agencies. Specifically, we seek to advance federal policies and programs that promote beneficial electrification—using clean electricity to efficiently electrify end-uses cost-effectively and with consumer benefits.

Why It Matters

Federal policy is a significant and critical lever to accelerate US climate action and is required to decarbonize the economy at the speed and scale necessary to limit warming to 1.5°C and build a sustainable economy. RMI’s federal policy efforts ensure that key federal government decision makers have the latest analysis and policy ideas at the right time to effectively advance beneficial electrification.

What We Are Doing

RMI’s federal policy work includes:

  • Monitoring and participating in key national policy development activities, including live policy conversations, collaborative efforts, and strategic briefings
  • Providing specific policy ideas by distilling and sharing key findings from RMI’s technoeconomic analysis across sectors of society
  • Supporting a quick response function to nimbly react to requests, opportunities, and needs as they emerge

Who's Involved

RMI’s US federal policy efforts cross all sectors of the economy and include representatives from each RMI global program. We work across the political spectrum with other mission-aligned non-profit organizations, private sector stakeholders, and government leaders.