Miguel Moravec

Miguel Moravec

Senior Associate
  • US Program

Miguel is a senior associate with RMI’s US Program, which implements effective climate solutions at the federal, state, and local levels.

Through the America Is All In coalition, Miguel collaborates with US institutions and businesses to achieve emissions reductions across multiple sectors of society.


Miguel joins RMI from Vanderbilt University, where he earned his MS in Civil Engineering and studied energy and supply chain resilience.

As an emerging advocate, Miguel was the president of the graduate student body and the founder of a campus sustainable investment campaign that featured in CNN and the Washington Post.

As a science professional, Miguel worked for US EPA’s Safer Chemicals Research Group and has additional experience at Princeton’s NOAA lab and Columbia’s STEMSEAS Program.

Miguel attributes his interest in decarbonization to a 2015 speech that President Obama delivered to military cadets on the national security threat of climate change.

As a young man, Miguel completed two years of officer training at the US Naval Academy under an appointment from US Senator Barbara Mikulski.


MS, Civil Engineering, Vanderbilt University
BA, Earth Science, Communication of Science, Vanderbilt University
Honorable Discharge, US Naval Academy