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factory smoke stacks with huge clouds of expelled smoke

Financing the Coal Transition

Financial mechanisms are key to transitioning the existing coal fleet, but they must be designed to align with economic, social, and climate goals.

solar panel field

The Future of Landfills is Bright

Closed landfills offer an incredible opportunity to accelerate local solar energy, revitalize underutilized sites, and reinvest in communities.

packages being delivered

COP26 Action Plan

To confront the challenges of climate change, we must address the environmental impact of the goods and services we use daily, with markets built on quality information and objective data to create real change in supply chain operations and market dynamics.

Happy family in their new home

Decarbonizing Homes

To meet U.S.’ climate goals and protect public health, we need to comprehensively retrofit low-income households through beneficial electrification.

aerial view of solar panels on houses

Bringing Clean Energy Home

Household energy decisions can help meet US climate targets by accelerating renewable deployment and reducing emissions from buildings and vehicles.