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aeriel view of oil gas pipelines

From Deep Crisis, Profound Change

The Ukraine crisis shows that we must now act with speed, agility, coordination, and an integrated vision to create a prosperous climate-safe and energy-secure world.

steel coils being transported

Closing the Loop

RMI demonstrates the importance of cultivating the value chain for clean hydrogen-based steel and how practical challenges can be addressed.

electric car battery

Towards a Sustainable Battery Manufacturing Industry

India has outlined an ambitious target of 500 GW of in-country energy generation from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 — and to reduce the total projected carbon emissions by 1 billion tons in the same period. To attain these targets, India needs a significant amount of grid storage and a large increase in the number of electric vehicles (EVs).

electric bikes on charging rack

Electric Mobility for All

Motivated largely by concerns over global greenhouse gas emissions, the transportation sector is focusing increasingly on a transition to zero-emissions vehicles. For this transition to be successful, not only from a climate but also from an equity perspective, specific consideration of low- to moderate-income communities is critical.