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Amory Lovins

Negawatt Revolution: Electric Efficiency and Asian Development

This paper, published in 1991 in the Far Eastern Economic Review, compares electricity use by electric utilities customers in the far Eastern countries with use by customers in the United States. The comparison reveals very different patterns of use in the regions, which are largely influenced by electric utility pricing.

Lessons from Iraq

This letter was written at the time of the first Gulf War in 1991. In the technical letter sent to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Amory Lovins corrects misstatements about the critical ingredients needed to make active nuclear weapons. Lovins’ calculations reveal previously unexplored implications about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities…

Least-Cost Climatic Stabilization

This paper argues that global warming is not a natural result of normal, optimal economic activity. Rather, it is an artifact of the economically inefficient use of resources, especially energy. Amory Lovins describes advanced technologies for resource efficiency, and proven ways to implement them. These changes can support present or…

If It’s Not Efficient, It’s Not Beautiful

In this brief 1991 article in Fine Homebuilding, Amory Lovins argues that beautiful homes are not only finely crafted and designed, but energy efficient as well. Lovins describes the efficiency measures used to design his own home in Snowmass, CO. These techniques include glazed mirrors, compact fluorescent lights, and superefficient…