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Rizky Fauzianto

Rizky is a manager for SE Asia within RMI’s Global South Program, specializing in energy transition, partnership, and regional policy in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

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Alberto Rodríguez Gómez

Alberto is a manager in the Africa Energy Program. He leads the acceleration of mini-grids and distributed energy resources in Africa to enable access to…

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Amber Zirnhelt

Amber is a manager in RMI’s Energy Transition Academy, working with utilities, regulators, government agencies, academic institutions, and the private sector to support capacity development…

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Anibal Gomez-Contreras

Anibal is a senior associate with the Energy Transition Academy, as part of RMI’s Global South Program. His work focuses on empowering stakeholders across emerging…

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Sascha Flesch

Sascha is a manager for RMI’s Global South Program, specializing in energy access challenges to facilitate inclusive, clean, modern, and affordable energy for all. As…