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Jesse Cohen

Jesse is an associate with RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity (CFE) Program, where he works to accelerate the global transition to cost-effective, reliable, and clean energy systems.

Sarah Toth

Sarah is a senior associate on the Clean Competitive Grids team within RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Program. She focuses on both the technical and process aspects…

athindra venkatraman

Athindra Venkatraman

Athindra is a senior associate on RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Program, working on industrial decarbonization projects in California and Texas as part of the MPP-RMI Clean…

david lone

David Lone

David is a senior associate on RMI’s Carbon-Free Electricity Program. His work focuses on financial mechanisms, policy tools, and business models that can support the…

Sandy Sechang

Sandy serves as the program operations lead for Global Coal Phaseout, navigating the crossroads of strategy and operations. Leveraging her skills in project management, financial…