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Mobility Transformation

We are accelerating the change to a low-carbon transportation system on an ambitious scale.


Mobility Innovation Lab

We provide a groundbreaking change lab that supports innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of the bottoms-up ideas that will transform the transportation system.

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We are ensuring rapid learning and accelerating the economic sustainability of electric transit buses around the world.

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We are working with utilities, policymakers, and businesses to make electric vehicle (EV) charging effective and scalable, focusing on personal vehicles and fleets.

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Mobility Data

We focus on ways in which better data and better analysis can both change behavior and improve transportation systems.

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What Is Mobility Transformation?

We are accelerating the adoption of electrified and more efficient transportation globally through effective charging infrastructure, electrified bus transportation networks, mobility data, and collaborative change labs.

Why It Matters

The transportation sector produces almost 30 percent of US carbon emissions and about one-quarter of global emissions. It is also growing fast. Electrifying that transportation in urban and suburban settings, and making it not only possible but convenient not to need a personal car, are the biggest near-term levers for driving system efficiency, reducing climate impacts and local pollution.

Who’s Involved

RMI works with electricity regulators, utilities, cities and transit authorities, fleet owners, service providers, manufacturers, real estate developers, and businesses throughout the United States. All stakeholders must work together to ensure that the benefits of transportation electrification are realized and accrue to all.