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Carbon-Free Mobility

Driving targeted and collaborative cross-sector action to accelerate toward an electric, connected, and equitable carbon-free transportation system.


Mobility Innovation Lab

We provide a groundbreaking change lab that supports innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of the bottoms-up ideas that will transform the transportation system.

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We are ensuring rapid learning and accelerating the economic sustainability of electric transit buses around the world.

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We are working with utilities, policymakers, and businesses to make electric vehicle (EV) charging effective and scalable, focusing on personal vehicles and fleets.

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Mobility Data

We focus on ways in which better data and better analysis can both change behavior and improve transportation systems.

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What is Carbon-Free Mobility?

RMI’s mobility mission is to deliver an electric, connected, and equitable mobility future that is aligned with the path to a 1.5°C global climate goal. RMI collaborates across three critical geographies—the United States, China, and India—to address three pillars of action: 1) to electrify the movement of people, 2) to electrify the movement of goods, and 3) to expand access to EV charging infrastructure.

Why It Matters

The transportation sector is the number one source of emissions in the United States and accounts for about one-quarter of emissions globally. Importantly, we can’t achieve global climate goals without addressing transportation. Carbon-free mobility is the solution that addresses climate goals and reduces the harmful impacts of vehicle emissions on human health and our environment.

Who’s Involved

We cannot achieve our 1.5°C climate goal without the collaborative efforts and actions of key stakeholders: vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, utilities, regulators, cities and transit operators, infrastructure providers, businesses, policymakers, and NGOs. RMI is committed to our role as a partner and facilitator and to leveraging our thought leadership and analytical capabilities to pursue a carbon-free mobility sector.