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Emerging Solutions

Identifying and scaling new pathways to speed the global energy transition

What is the Emerging Solutions Group?

The Emerging Solutions team collaboratively shapes RMI’s approach to the global energy transition through cross-program learning and idea incubation. We support emergent thought leadership and engagement opportunities at the intersections and edges of RMI’s existing program work.

Why it Matters

The global energy transition will unlock health, security, shared prosperity, energy access, and climate benefits. But persistent market barriers are slowing the pace of systematic changes that must occur. Through the Emerging Solutions group, we challenge ourselves and others to catalyze more deeply transformative visions and near-term actions to deliver these benefits.

What We’re Doing

Raising Awareness: Through our thought leadership and public engagement we are helping to inform and inspire leading global actors in the energy transition—public, private, and philanthropic—in ways that lead to faster and better-aligned action to limit global temperature rise.

Thinking Big: We describe ways to limit global temperature change to well below 2 degrees Celsius based on a whole systems view of the energy transition. We ground our assumptions and modeling on technological change, market adoption curves, and behavioral changes that build on the lessons of earlier industry transitions. 

Motivating Action: Through a combination of thought leadership, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and shared goal setting, RMI is accelerating the global energy transition.