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How to Use RMI’s Corporate Commitments and Emissions Dashboard

The corporate commitments and emissions dashboard is a tool that models corporate emissions pathways based on public climate commitments and economic indicators.

Climate commitments and pledges from the private sector have increased over the past few years. But it can be difficult to understand how these commitments add up and what impact they will have on real-world emissions. The Corporate Commitments and Emissions Dashboard estimates this impact by modeling corporate emissions to 2050 according to voluntary climate commitments. This tool can also be used as a reference to keep companies on track with their emissions reduction plans.

To understand the aggregate impact of corporate climate action, we analyzed publicly available commitments data from Net Zero Tracker and self-reported CDP data from more than 7,000 companies to model pathways to 2050. Users can create their own pathways using a series of toggle switches, which change actor behavior and emissions outcomes. Both annual and cumulative emissions trajectories are shown in this dashboard.

Explore the dashboard and related content here

To learn how to use this dashboard, watch the following video or review the quick-start guide below.

Quick-start guide:
  1. Select a sector or industry of interest using the About drop-down menu
  2. Using the panel on the left-hand side of the dashboard, select a pre-set scenario or scroll down to create your own pathway using the toggles.
  3. To reset the dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the left panel and select Reset.
  4. Click on the i icon next to each selection in the left-hand panel and next to each figure header for brief descriptions.
  5. Click on the small page icon on the right side of each figure to see total emissions numbers.
  6. Click on the arrows icon on the right side of each figure to see a full-screen view of each figure.
  7. For details on the methods for this dashboard, click on documentation here above the dashboard.

Documentation can be found here

To report any misrepresented data or issues with the dashboard please contact