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The Peaking Series maps the vast mountain range of past and current peaks in fossil fuel demand. In country after country and sector after sector, fossil fuel demand has peaked and now faces a future of decline.

This story is unfolding globally, as new solutions coupled with efficiency force out demand for fossil fuels. Peaking demand creates a domino dynamic — as each sector and country peaks, the next peak moves forward, faster. And as this cycle of change takes hold, capital, talent, and power shift from the old fossil fuels to the new renewable industries, further accelerating the cycle of change.

The Peaking Series looks at examples of this pattern of peak, plateau, and decline for incumbents in energy history, how this pattern is playing out today, and how it will unfold in the future. Our analysis covers why peaks are important; what can be done to speed up them up; past fossil fuel peaks in the United States, Europe, and the industrial sector; and more.


Peaking: A Theory of Rapid Transition

How Patterns of Peak, Plateau, and Decline Point to Fossil Fuels’ Accelerating End

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Peaking: A Brief History of Select Energy Transitions

How Past Energy Transitions Foretell a Quicker Shift Away from Fossil Fuels Today

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Peaking: Peaks – Why They Matter

The Turning Point from Growth to Decline

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From Deep Crisis, Profound Change

An assessment of the dynamics accelerating the global sprint away from fossil fuels in the wake of Putin’s War

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The Green Inflation Myth

Reality Check

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The Energy Transition Narrative


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