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Presentation | 2022

Accelerating the Energy Transition

By Kingsmill BondSam Butler-Sloss

In a 2023 presentation titled The Renewable Revolution, RMI experts Kingsmill Bond and Sam Butler-Sloss explain why this is the pivotal decade in the energy transition. By 2030 renewable technology solutions will dominate new sales in electricity, light transport, and low-temperature heat, sectors that make up 70 percent of fossil fuel demand. And in the rest of the energy system, the price of renewable alternatives will fall to parity with fossil fuels, setting the scene for rapid change there as well.

In a 2022 presentation titled The Energy Transition Narrative, Bond and Butler-Sloss present an insurgent view of the energy transition, illustrating how rapid energy technology change is inevitable and beneficial and has already led to a peak in fossil fuel demand. Falling costs are opening up new markets and opportunities, which are responsive to these changes. This decade will see enormous opportunity for those that embrace change, and catastrophic risk for those that fail to do so.

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