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Coreina Chan

  • Strategy Team

Coreina is the principal for Rocky Mountain Institute’s Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab for short). eLab brings together organizations with diverse and often-conflicting views, to speed society’s transition to clean energy. Coreina and her team design collaborative processes, workshops, and meetings to support people in the electricity sector who don’t always agree with each other, but who nevertheless need to work together to meet the unprecedented challenges in our energy future. Her team supports utilities, regulators, environmental and equity advocates, businesses, researchers, entrepreneurs, and communities to partner in new ways. Coreina has developed eLab’s approach to address the power dynamics and inequities, conflicting motivations, and information asymmetry between stakeholders in today’s electricity system. She has been the lead facilitator for the past four years of eLab’s Accelerator, Forge, and Summit events, supporting over 60 teams in developing new policy, planning, regulatory, and business model solutions that connect states, cities, communities, and businesses with clean energy benefits.


Prior to joining RMI in 2007, Coreina worked as a securities trader for six years. Before that, she worked for three years as studio member #5 at architecture firm Leroy Street Studio. She initially joined RMI to support sustainable building design, daylighting, and water conservation in the Institute’s built environment team.


BA, Architecture, Yale University


Boulder, CO/New York City