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Gas Pains

In this letter to The Atlantic Monthly in response to an article by Robert Bryce, Amory Lovins discusses the American military’s fuel costs during the Iraq War between 2003 and 2005. Lovins argues that a solution to the high cost of fuel for military operations is highly energy efficient military…

More Profit with Less Carbon Bibliography

This bibliography is an addendum to the 2005 Scientific American article, “More Profit with Less Carbon” by Amory Lovins. The entire article (RMI document ID C05-05) is available to download.

Nuclear Power: Economic Fundamentals and Potential Role in Climate Change Mitigation

In this presentation, Amory Lovins provides evidence that low- and no-carbon decentralized sources of energy have eclipsed nuclear power as a climate friendly energy option. He argues that new nuclear power plants are unfinanceable in the private capital market and that resource efficiency provides a cheaper, more environmental option. Lovins…

More Profit with Less Carbon

In this article, originally published in Scientific American, Amory Lovins dispels the myth that protecting the earth’s climate will force a trade-off between the environment and the economy. Instead, he shows that efficiency is profitable. Focusing on energy efficiency improves the bottom line and yields many valuable side benefits. Whole-systems…

Reforming the Automobile Fuel Economy Standards Program: Letter to the NHTSA

In this 2004 letter to the NHTSA, Amory Lovins challenges the agency’s proposed policy about the Automobile Fuel Economy Standards Program. He argues that NHTSA’s policy should be performance-based, not prescriptive; that the standards should be neutral as to vehicle mass, or favor the down-sized vehicles; if fuel-economy choices are…