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Works by Amory Lovins

Getting Off Oil

In this short article, Amory Lovins explains how investing in energy efficiency is good for business. He provides examples of businesses and government agencies transitioning to energy efficiency and innovation for a profit. He writes that a vision will form of a United States that can treat countries with oil…

Oil: Our Fatal Dependence

In this article, which is an expanded version of the 2004 article, “How America Can Free Itself of Oil—Profitably,” Amory Lovins points out that saving oil is cheaper than buying it, and that the United States can eliminate its oil dependence and revitalize its economy by adopting smart business strategies.

Mighty Mice

This article discusses the benefits of decentralized micropower for generating energy, as compared to nuclear power. Amory Lovins argues for decentralized energy systems based on data showing that micropower is more efficient and has already eclipsed nuclear power in the global marketplace. Micropower and its natural partner, efficient end-use, have…

Letter to NHTSA on Revised Light Truck CAFE Standards

This letter was written by Amory Lovins in 2005 and sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the letter, Lovins commends the NHTSA for its 2005 adoption of CAFE standards based on size rather than weight. Size-based standards incentivize manufacturers to use lighter materials that improve the efficiency…