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Works by Amory Lovins

Profitable Solutions for Oil, Climate, and Proliferation

This lecture was given at the American Academy in Berlin and it is an expanded version of an article published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. In it, Amory Lovins explains how energy efficiency measures can have a lasting impact on climate and the environment. Lovins’ answers the question,…

What Can We Do?

In this series published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Amory Lovins joins three other atomic experts in discussing ideas for how to curb carbon dioxide emissions, reduce global temperatures, and sustain economic growth. Lovins’ proposed solution is to stop wasting energy. He points out that saving energy is cheaper…

Save More, Pay Less

In an overview of the Factor Ten Engineering (10xE) initiative at RMI, Amory Lovins and Imran Sheikh point to the next industrial revolution and the key role of engineering education in bringing this revolution about. A great deal of RMI’s success has been achieved by using whole-system design to reduce…

Imagine a World

This speech was given by Amory Lovins at RMI’s 25th anniversary celebration, RMI25, in 2007. In the speech, he outlines his vision of the world’s future. Lovins begins by retelling one of RMI’s guiding parables, the story of parachuting cats into Borneo, to illustrate how RMI’s work focuses on solutions,…

RMI Timeline

This timeline covers the work that RMI has done from 1972 to 2007. It begins with Amory Lovins’ early work on energy through RMI’s staff work twenty-six years later. It includes the significant publications, development of new concepts, and meetings over the history of the organization.