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Good COP, Bad COP? The Hopeful News in COP26…and Beyond

There is good news and bad news emerging from COP26. The bad news: The emissions reduction pledges made by nations so far are still likely to consign civilization to a 2.7°C warmer world by 2100 compared with pre-industrial times. The good news: Steady progress is being made in securing…

Looking directly up at the skyline of the financial district in central London

Companies Are Catalyzing the Net-Zero Economy

Recent reports and real-world developments foretell both the dramatic energy system transformations required to decarbonize the global economy and the looming, increasingly disastrous consequences of moving too slowly.

Market Catalysts: How We Keep Warming to 1.5°C

From drought to heatwaves, to catastrophic fires and more intense hurricanes, our world is already experiencing climate change. But we as a civilization still have a say in how bad it gets. To prevent the worst effects of runaway warming, the global climate movement has aligned on a goal to…

The Map Is Not the Territory: New Routes to a 1.5°C Future

Explorers use maps intensively, but they take the information recorded in the charts they use with a few grains of salt, knowing that the map is not the territory. After all, sometimes maps present a consensus view of reality that is disastrously wrong. For more than 100 years, beginning…