Transforming America’s Built Environment (Video)

America’s buildings are energy hogs.

The country’s 120 million buildings consume 42 percent of our nation’s total energy and 72 percent of our electricity. The annual cost to fuel and power our buildings is $400 billion—as much as we spent on Medicare in 2009—and much of this is wasted.

Reinventing Fire identifies how America’s buildings could use 19 percent less energy in 2050—despite 70 percent more floorspace—simply by aggressively adopting today’s building efficiency techniques and design strategies.

Watch now, and learn:

  • How savvy building owners and entrepreneurs can capture a $1.4 trillion opportunity by building efficiency into their core business.
  • How integrative design makes big saving cheaper by revealing smarter ways to design an entire building and all its interacting systems together—further raising energy savings to over two-thirds of buildings’ officially projected 2050 energy use.
  • How smart policies, standards and codes to accelerate energy efficiency deliver many benefits that can make business operations easier and unlock more opportunity.
  • How a successful energy efficiency revolution could revitalize the real-estate sector, create jobs, and help to rejuvenate the national economy.

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