Thank You, From All of Us at RMI

The release of Reinventing Fire marked a huge milestone in RMI’s 30 year history. But we could not have done it without supporters. Visionary donors have allowed us to be bold in our approach and recommendations. Now, we need as many people as possible to stand beside us as we work to reinvent fire.

Your investment leads us even closer toward our shared vision of a world thriving, verdant and secure, for all, forever. 



Hear From Our Donors  

"Thomas"Amory Lovins and RMI are a national treasure. For anyone interested in cutting-edge research on energy and environment, Amory and his team are the best one-stop shopping destination I know of."—Thomas Friedman, author of "Hot, Flat and Crowded" and Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist.


"Fred "We are pleased to support RMI because its groundbreaking work in energy efficiency and renewables needs to be adopted and taken to scale." —Alice and Fred Stanback, long-time donors to RMI


"Bill"Amory inspires all of us to think big, that reducing demand first and then rightsizing supply of energy is the way forward, that distributed is the way to go, and that we can all do more with less, greatly reducing our footprint through smarts not sacrifice." —Bill Joy, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; cofounder of Sun Microsystems 


Join these supporters and others who made Reinventing Fire possible. Your investment will help drive Reinventing Fire from vision to reality.  

Your Voice Matters  

We want to know why you support RMI. Hearing from other supporters is one of the most powerful ways to inspire more people to partner with RMI to achieve our shared goal of a world powered by efficiency and renewables.

 Please send us a brief quote and a high resolution photo for inclusion in an upcoming video.

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