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Dr Charithea Charalambous

Charithea is a senior associate with Climate-Aligned Industries, focused on CO2removal (CDR). She is an expert in direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) and…

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Matt Kirley

Matt is a manager with the Carbon Dioxide Removal Initiative within RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries program focused on the responsible scaling of carbon dioxide removal. Background…

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Christina Pastoria

Christina is a senior associate with the Climate-Aligned Industries Program, providing support for RMI’s efforts to catalyze the clean hydrogen economy. She focuses on promoting…

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Mark Lozano

Mark is a rotational cohort associate working with the Climate Aligned Industries Program. He provides technical analysis and written support for one of RMI’s Hydrogen…

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Rachel Wilmoth

Rachel Wilmoth is a senior associate on RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries Program, where she helps accelerate the deployment of new decarbonization technologies in the hard-to-abate sectors.