Dr Charithea Charalambous

Dr Charithea Charalambous

Senior Associate
  • Climate-Aligned Industries

Charithea is a senior associate with Climate-Aligned Industries, focused on CO2removal (CDR). She is an expert in direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).


Charithea is a trained multidisciplinary engineer, with over 11 years of experience on CO2 separation processes. During her PhD, she designed and developed a temperature vacuum swing adsorption system for directly removing CO2from atmospheric air and purifying and compressing it at conditions required for geological storage (a DACCS system). After her PhD, Charithea’s work focused on carbon capture from power and industrial sources, particularly the decarbonization of the UK’s industrial clusters and the technical, economic, and environmental evaluation of CCUS. Prior to joining RMI, Charithea was the technical lead in multiple international R&D projects across CCUS, DACCS, and decarbonization of the mining industry.

In 2020, Charithea received the UKCCSRC ECR Collaboration Fund Award, which allowed her to join NTNU University in Norway and collaborate with experts on bridging the knowledge gap to improve the economics and de-risk large-scale development of post-combustion carbon capture processes.


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Edinburgh
MRes, Green Chemistry, Imperial College London
MSc, Energy and Environmental Engineering, University of Sheffield
BSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus