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RE+ City Cohort Action Guide

Efficiency Standards for Rentals

Create Step 1: Engage Stakeholders

In this step, you will use the blueprint to engage with the stakeholders you identified in the Blueprint. The goal of this step is to get internal and external feedback for the policy and educate all stakeholders. You can use the feedback that you receive to iterate on the policy design and structure that you created in the Policy Blueprint.

Efficiency Standards for Rentals Equity Policy Implications

This diagram provides a framework to help communicate with internal city stakeholders​.


Clean Energy for Low-Income Communities: Stakeholder Engagement

This resource provides some key lessons learned in engaging with low-income communities and rental units and case studies in Colorado and California about programs that engaged a variety of stakeholders. This information can help supplement the stakeholder engagement identified in the policy blueprint.


Landlord Pamphlet

This tool will help communicate the implications of the policy with landlords.