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RE+ City Cohort Action Guide

Efficiency Standards for Rentals

Prepare Step 5: Identify Stakeholders

You will use the stakeholder mapping tool and develop next steps to engage with stakeholders given your policy impact calculations and policy parameter identification. You will fill out Section 5 of the blueprint.

Identify Stakeholders Slide Deck

These slides provide an overview of tools for stakeholder engagement. These slides were developed for a workshop on this topic for a cohort of 25 cities in 2018.


Community Stakeholder Engagement Tools

This tool, developed by the City Energy Project, provides best practices for hosting stakeholder meetings and building lasting coalition support.


Department of Energy Low Income Energy Affordability Data Tool

This tool can help inform engagement with stakeholders to further ensure the city incorporates affordability in discussions with stakeholders.


Stakeholder Mapping Matrix

This matrix will help guide your approach to identifying and classifying stakeholders.