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RE+ City Cohort Action Guide

Efficiency Standards for Rentals

Create Step 2: Finalize Funding Strategy

Using the tools that you developed in Step 2 of the Blueprint, you will co-create incentive programs with utilities and secure funding sources. You will use the support of other stakeholders to help guide the process of implementing the policy and ensuring sustainable financing sources. You will consider both how to fund the program within the city and how to help finance upgrades for landlords.​

Financing Table

This diagram will help guide your research on what financing options are available to you.


Department of Energy Program Funding Catalog Worksheet

This worksheet can be used to organize and track federal and state funding opportunities as they relate to planning programs that are accessible to low-income communities.


Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

This resource contains a database of incentives that can be used to help finance efficiency programs and upgrades.


Utilizing City-Utility Partnership Agreements to Achieve Climate and Energy Goals

This World Resources Institute report describes strategies that cities have used in engaging with utilities that could help inform your outreach strategy.​