eLab’s Diverse Stakeholders Are Critical for Success (Video)

The problems facing the electricity sector require multiple parties to come together to innovate.

eLab is driving change by bringing together thought leaders and decision makers from around the electricity sector to think together, develop new ideas, and then implement those ideas into the broader industry.

“What we’ve witnessed in the last few months is a high degree of commitment and cooperation that is beyond anything I’ve seen before,” said James Newcomb, program director at RMI. “It’s a place from which we can see the possibilities of eLab’s long-term impact on the industry.”

Watch now, and learn:

  • The value of eLab as a convener where members can explore new ideas
  • How eLab creates a safe place to push the envelope and innovate faster
  • How eLab is helping make new possibilities real—while keeping the lights on

What do you think it will take to change our electricity system to one that is cleaner, more reliable, and customer-friendly?

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