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Renewable Energy Bracketology

Although no one has ever picked a perfect March Madness bracket, there is no shortage of strategies that could help gain an edge. And we here at RMI have a strategy, too: going all in on renewable energy.

Fort Collins Steps Up, Approves Accelerated Climate Target

Sometimes leadership arises from impatience. In Fort Collins, Colorado—a city known for its pragmatic, can-do attitude—getting on with the business of reducing greenhouse gas emissions doesn’t have to wait for international treaties, federal mandates, or carbon taxes. This week, the Fort Collins City Council voluntarily adopted revised climate action goals…

Can Big Data Help Us Get to a Carbon-Free Future?

This speeding avalanche of data—and all the information in it—can lead to great opportunities, especially in the areas we work in at RMI—electricity, buildings, and transportation.

What If Congress Threw a Keystone XL Party and Nobody Came?

The energy gods relish ironic humor. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an economic and national-security loser, craved by Alaskan politicians but by no major oil company. Higher oil prices and better technologies only made it relatively less attractive. Yet whenever Congress nonetheless gets close to approving this…