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Supply Chain Emissions

roll of galvanized steel sheet at metalworking factory

Knowing the Emissions of Your Steel Supply Chain

As you read this article, try to identify all the steel around you. You will find steel appliances in your home and steel in your tall office building, your car, and most human-made infrastructure. Steel is ubiquitous in the global economy. In recent years, the steel sector has received increased…

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Clean Energy 101: ESG

ESG frameworks and ratings, if done correctly, can help guide investment into vital sectors that will accelerate the energy transition.

Electrical poles of high voltage and wind turbines in blue sky

Clean Energy 101: The REC Market

Amid a drumbeat of expert studies calling for urgent climate action, underscored by increasingly frequent extreme weather events and natural disasters, people across the United States are looking for ways to support the clean energy transition. Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are one way that an individual or business can…