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Denver’s Bold New Plan for Carbon-Free Buildings

Denver leaders are setting a high bar for other cities in Colorado and nationwide with the release of an ambitious new climate plan focused on buildings. The plan lays out a roadmap to achieve all-electric buildings, setting clear targets to phase out fossil fuels in both homes and commercial buildings.

Massachusetts’ Governor Must Act to Secure Clean, Affordable Buildings

Late last week, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker vetoed S.2995, a landmark climate action bill that would have created strong measures to achieve the state’s legislated carbon emissions reduction targets and the Governor’s own climate commitments. In his letter to the legislature, Baker pointed to the bill’s inclusion of a…

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We Have New Leadership and a New Year—We Need New Housing, Too

2021 remains a year of excitement despite a tumultuous start. With a new federal administration set to take office, vaccine distribution picking up, and the economy starting to re-gain momentum, Americans are eager to get back to their pre-pandemic routines. This year presents many new opportunities, including the opportunity for…

Mitigating the Impacts of Power Shutoffs through Building–Grid Integration

During the California wildfire season this past year, utility companies had to shut off power to tens of thousands of residents in an attempt to prevent wildfires. These Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) help keep communities safe but can be very disruptive to everyday life. Utilities are not always able…

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Combating Climate Change through High-Performance Districts

If we are going to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C, we need to fix our buildings. They are the largest end-users of energy, generating nearly 40 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. However, addressing energy efficiency and renewable energy one building at a time will not be enough.