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New Climate Law Stretches Massachusetts Building Codes to the Next Level

Last week, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a landmark climate bill, An Act Creating a Next Generation Roadmap for the Massachusetts Climate Policy, into law. This law raises the state’s climate ambition by setting the emissions targets at 50 percent reduction by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. It…

Efficient, Resilient Buildings Can Help Texas Weather the Next Crisis

When the power went out across large swaths of Texas in February, the deadly crisis exposed vulnerabilities from the grid level down to individual homes. Unwinterized power plants and fuel-supply systems failed under extreme conditions, constricting the state’s supply of electricity. At the same time, the demand for electricity…

Recycling concrete at a building demolition site.

The Secret Life of Materials

You are surrounded. Whether you’re reading this on your phone or computer, if you’re sitting in an office chair, on a park bench, or waiting for your coffee order, you’re likely surrounded by concrete, wood, and countless other familiar materials. We experience these materials every day, but we usually don’t…

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The US Needs Urgent Federal Climate Policy—RMI Has Some Ideas

Climate action is back on the federal agenda in the United States. We’ve seen President Biden take executive action to tackle the climate crisis, rightfully linking it to job creation, environmental justice, and strengthening America’s infrastructure. We’ve…

Washington Clean Buildings Bill Raises the Bar for Every State

Buildings are at the forefront of climate action in the state of Washington, spurred by Seattle’s recent adoption of an energy code that will require new large buildings to be fossil fuel free. Now legislators are considering an ambitious new bill stemming from Governor Jay Inslee’s comprehensive climate proposal.