eLab: The Value of Distributed Energy Resources (Video)

The U.S. is at the cusp of transformative change in the electricity system, and the only thing limiting us may be our imagination. Uncertainties about how to navigate that transformation remain, and eLab is hard at work answering the questions many organizations in the sector are trying to address, including:

What is the value of distributed energy resources? How can we build pricing mechanisms based on accurate signals and reflections of the market, and integrate power from thousands of different locations—while keeping the lights on?

“FERC’s regulatory responsibility is to ensure that rates are adjusted and reasonable and not under-discriminatory,” explains Mason Emnett, deputy policy director at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. “It’s important that we’ve got the rules right, so that customers are paying the appropriate rates and that resources are seeing the appropriate signals. eLab is an exciting collection of stakeholders and perspectives in that conversation.”

Watch now, and learn:

  • How to build a cleaner, more resilient electricity future with new types of technology—while successfully managing it in real time
  • Why eLab is exactly the right set of resources to help inform and accelerate aggregations of distributed resources interfacing with the grid
  • How eLab is enabling candid conversations with key stakeholders about price transparency and the real cost of renewables

What do you think it will take to change our electricity system to one that is cleaner, more reliable, and customer friendly?

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